Potato Green Peas Masala

Potato green peas masala is one of the favourite recipes for kids. It is the perfect recipe which goes with Poori. With mild flavour and the blend of green peas and potato, this recipe is loved by all ages. It also suites well for chapathi and dosa too.
Potato Green Peas Masala

Potato -3 
Green peas - 1/2 cup
Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
Tomato - 1 (finely chopped)
Green chillies -2 ( finely chopped)
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tbsp
Mustard seeds (for seasoning)
Cinnamon - 1 inch stick
Cloves - 2
Curry leaves - 4 or 5
Coriander leaves.
Salt to taste


  1. Cook potatoes in water until they are soft and allow to cool a little
  2. Peel off the skin and mash the potatoes.
  3. Heat oil in a pan, add cinnamon, cloves, mustard seeds. Once the mustard seeds splutter, add curry leaves.
  4. Now add onions and green chillies , saute till the onions become translucent.
  5. Add tomatoes and saute well.
  6. Add turmeric powder followed by salt and mix well.
  7. Now add the mashed potatoes and green peas and mix. 
  8. Add 1/2 cup water and allow to boil (Adjust water according to the thickness you need).
  9. Once the gravy starts thickening turn off the heat, garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with poori  or chapathi.